Two states in a week – California (part 3)

Now we’re back to my blog post series of the trip I took to the US last August until the first week of September!

This post covers the last leg of my trip where I flew back to California since I only stayed in Arizona for the weekend.

Finally back in LA. #intheresetingtrips

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We arrived at Los Angeles at almost 8 in the evening since our flight left at around 6 or 7.  In fact, we had lunch at the airport in Phoenix.

I also flipped through the inflight magazine of American Airlines and they featured Montreal on the issue that was on our seat pockets (who would have known that more than six months later, I actually made it to Montreal!).

September 7

The morning after we arrived, another family friend of ours in Los Angeles took us around. We went back to Hollywood and we got to explore the place more (since when we went there during the first leg of the trip, we didn’t have enough time to go around Hollywood itself).

The most exciting part was when I came across Robert Downey Jr.’s and Meryl Streep’s spots at the TCL Chinese Theater. More than that, I found out that my hands fit perfectly on Meryl’s handprint there.

Found Robert Downey Jr.'s spot at the TCL Chinese Theatre! #intheresetingtrips

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Also today: I found Meryl Streep's spot at the TCL Chinese Theater. #intheresetingtrips

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And…I also came across the spots of Michael Jackson and Hugh Jackman at the TCL Chinese Theater:

And because my mother was already craving for rice (well, that’s the effect of not eating rice for almost a week), our family friend took us to Jollibee at Beverly Boulevard. I was pretty overjoyed, not just because I missed Filipino food but mostly because I missed Jollibee’s Chicken Strips (which was introduced in the Philippine market in the mid-2000s and pulled out before 2010) which turned out to be in the United States under the name Chicken Dippers.

Here’s how the Chicken Dippers actually look like:

In addition to that, I also got to try the original Peach Mango Pie (aka the Peach Mango Pie of Jollibee here in the Philippines during the 90s):

After lunch, we headed back to Hollywood to continue our tour. This time, we went to the Dolby Digital Theater where the Oscars is held yearly:

The main staircase of Dolby Theater is a nice spot for pictures. #intheresetingtrips #dolbytheater

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Then at night, we went to the Griffith Observatory which also has its share in Hollywood history – it has been used as a shooting location for various movies, with the award winning musical La La Land being the most recent movie to use the Griffith Observatory.

Los Angeles skyline. #intheresetingtrips #losangeles #photography

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The big picture. #intheresetingtrips #griffithobservatory #LAStory

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September 8

This was our last day in LA so we spent the day visiting places that came up on an 11th hour in our itinerary. These places were Rodeo Drive (the luxury shopping district in LA that was popularized by the movie, Pretty Woman) and the Santa Monica Pier.

Dropped by Rodeo Drive for a bit today. #intheresetingtrips #rodeodrive #LAStory

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We spent most of our time that day at the Santa Monica Pier. Since we arrived there at around lunchtime, we decided to head over to The Albright for lunch. Frankly, it was one of the best seafood restaurants I’ve ever been to. Their crabs are one of the best I’ve ever tasted (and they go well with rice too!). The drinks were also for free at that time I went so I snagged myself a Coca-Cola and refilled before leaving the restaurant since refills were allowed.

That’s the refilled Coca-Cola on my hand

We walked around Santa Monica Beach a bit after lunch since we still had a few hours to spare before we were to head to the airport for our flight back to Manila.

Many people actually come to the Santa Monica Beach to take a swim which I always thought wasn’t the case since the place was built as an amusement park and not as a beach resort.

At the Santa Monica Pier. #intheresetingtrips #LAStory

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And of course, never leave Santa Monica Pier without taking a picture of their ever-famous boardwalk

Santa Monica Pier's boardwalk. #photography #intheresetingtrips #LAStory

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After spending time in Santa Monica Pier, it was time for us to check out from our hotel and to head to the airport for our return flight to Manila. I really enjoyed California and Arizona and if I do get to return to the United States again, I do wish to visit Hawaii, or any of the East Coast states next.

In the meantime, here are the highlights of this US Trip in one video:


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