Two states in a week – Arizona (part 2)

Now we’re back to my blog post series of the trip I took to the US last August until the first week of September!

This post will cover the second leg of the trip which I spent in Arizona

The flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix lasted for around an hour (or less) and by the time we arrived there, it was almost eight in the evening. When we stepped out of the airport terminal, it felt like being pushed into an oven. It felt like stepping out of NAIA Terminal 3 on a night flight during the summer.

Then I found the answer when I took a snap as soon as I was able to connect to a wifi connection – it was 38C in Phoenix. Definitely way hotter than Manila during the summer months. No wonder it seemed unusually humid.

We stayed overnight at the Mariott Residence Inn just a 10-15 minute drive away from the airport. The next day, we met up with my mother’s dormmate and her family who took us up to Tusayan where we spent the Labor Day weekend.

Day 1

When we got to Tusayan, we checked in at The Grand Hotel and took some rest before heading to the Grand Canyon National Park to hear mass at the El Cristo Rey Catholic Chapel  and it was a Saturday so we attended the anticipated mass.

The priest was a Filipino hailing from Bicol which made us feel even more at ease. The priest was from Bicol which is the home province of my maternal grandfather’s side of the family.

The atmosphere in the chapel was rather intimate since there were only a few of us. As a result of that, the priest took time to welcome each of us into the chapel during the homily (if my memory serves me right). From what I’ve noticed, American Catholics just as close-knitted as the Filipino Catholics – maybe that’s just a Catholic thing but I find that beautiful.

After going to mass, we headed up to the Grand Canyon National Park to check out the place so we could plan what to do there on the next day. The view to the Grand Canyon was so amazing that I couldn’t help but snap so many photos of it.

This was the first shot of the Grand Canyon that I took
There’s this rock at the Grand Canyon where everyone gets their pictures taken
And yes, I did this when it was my turn to have my picture taken on that rock
This is how the Grand Canyon looks like when the sun is setting
The El Tovar Hotel after sunset

On that day, I also got to try Naked juice for the first time and it’s quite delicious so it was totally worth it:

Healthy living kuno. #intheresetingtrips #nakedjuice

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Then we had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant called Plaza Bonita which was just across the hotel we stayed at. The food there is really delicious and their Mexican Rib Eye steak is my favorite!

Day 2

On the second day, we decided to head out to the Grand Canyon National Park again, this time, by taking a train through the Grand Canyon Railway at Williams. The trip took around two hours but it gave us the view going to the Grand Canyon that we didn’t get to see through the park’s main entrance.

This is how the train looks like from the outside
The interior of the train
In front of the train after we arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park
Here’s one more!

The fun didn’t stop there though because we went back to marvel at the Grand Canyon again which meant more pictures!

The Grand Canyon in all its glory. #photography #intheresetingtrips #grandcanyon

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Dauntless pak ganern vibes (make one wrong move and you'll fall). #intheresetingtrips #grandcanyon

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The Bus Stop near Maswik Lodge South (If I’m not mistaken)

Some interesting stuff I spotted that day were tourists chilling on or beyond the fence of the Grand Canyon’s rim such as these:

And this tourist doing what I assume is Yoga whom I spotted from afar:


In the afternoon, we were to take the return trip to Williams, Arizona on the train – however, it was only the family of my mother’s roommate that was able to do that. My mother and I stayed behind to wait for my godmother who was on her way up to the Grand Canyon National Park (she came a day late because of prior commitments).

Back at the Grand Canyon National Park train station
Here’s someone painting the Grand Canyon and yes, this was the painter we went to mass with the day before
Fellow tourists getting ready for sunset viewing
Here’s a candid photo of my godmother, by the way


Day 3

This was the day we left for Los Angeles but before that, we had breakfast at the El Tovar Hotel’s restaurant (where we had lunch the day before). Their Belgian Hot Chocolate is really worth the try!

Belgian hot chocolate. #eltovar #foodphotography #intheresetingtrips

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After breakfast, we decided to take a last look at the Grand Canyon before leaving. That’s when we decided to head up to the higher viewing points of the Grand Canyon. Since it was still early in the morning, there weren’t much tourists and the street on the viewing point we went to was clear. As a result, I did this jumpshot:

Then I took this one shortly before we left the Grand Canyon National Park

When we’ve made our last look, we left the Grand Canyon National Park and Tusayan and then we made our way back to Arizona where we awaited for our flight back to Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for the third part of my US Trip Series!


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