Uni Lounge at the EGI Taft Towers

Here is a look into Taft Avenue’s latest destination for college students!

Study Lounges have become lucrative in the Philippines lately as a response to the need of establishments where students can study and relax in between classes. These establishments are usually located near universities and are probably more conductive than coffee shops (which is a popular spot for studying before study lounges became a thing).

In Taft Avenue, Uni Lounge at the EGI Taft Towers services students from De La Salle University, St. Scholastica’s College, De La Salle – College of St. Benilde and STI College – Taft.

Uni Lounge opened last October 24, 2016. Prior to their opening, they launched a promo where the first 50 people to like and share a post they put up on their Facebook page would receive a prize. This prize is a free stay at the Uni Lounge for three hours.

Hoping to win the promo, I decided to try my luck and I didn’t put much thought about whether I’d actually win or not. It wasn’t until last Sunday when a friend of mine tagged me through the comments section of their winner’s announcement that I found out that I was one of the 50 winners.

Fast forward to October 25, I decided to claim my prize. Firstly because I didn’t have a shift in my internship on that day and secondly, that was the last day of claiming the prize. Though I wasn’t able to consume the three hours since my lunch break was only for two hours, here is what I think of the place.

As soon as you enter Uni Lounge, you will have this feeling of tranquility which I believe, is really conductive when you are thinking of studying in a calm atmosphere. The staff are also very accommodating which is a plus!

Now aside from that, you can also purchase food and drinks within Uni Lounge and yes, it’s possible for you to bring in your own food and drinks as long as they aren’t strong smelling.

The lounge is divided into three – the first one being the study area, that’s the one closest to the entrance.

The view of the study area from the second floor

The second one are the conference rooms used for meetings and there are two conference rooms.

This is one of the two conference rooms. Photo from the Uni Lounge Facebook Page

The third one, which is also my personal favorite, is the room at the second floor where you can both take a nap and study. This is also where most of the charging outlets are located.

The rates for Uni Lounge are the following as of October 28, 2016:

  • Study rate: P150 (good for three hours), P250 (good for six hours) and P350 for unlimited
  • Conference room rate: P300/hour

Wifi access, unlimited coffee and usage of charging outlets are all included in the rates.

To get the latest updates on Uni Lounge especially regarding their promos, like their Facebook page here.


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