The EduCanada Fair experience

Earlier today, I decided to make (what could probably be) one of the most daring decisions of my life – that was, to take my plans of studying in Canada a step further.

A few weeks back, the EduCanada Fair here in the Philippines was announced and was being promoted and I took note of the fair’s date in Manila. Due to my hectic schedule (since I’m now in my internship term), I wasn’t able to register for the event until yesterday in the evening.

Fast forward to the fair itself, I was so excited that I woke up early so I could prepare for the commute that I was to take going to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. That’s because this year’s EduCanada Fair is held at the Shangri-La at the Fort.

To be exact, it was held at the fourth floor of Shangri-La at the Fort and the hotel’s staff were accommodating to all of us who came for the fair. The verification of the online registration on-site was seamless as well.

After registration, participants were directed to the IELTS booth where we are given resources on the IELTS – which you may be required to take if you are a foreign student in Canada (there are exceptions to taking IELTS though, such as graduating from a school in the US or in the UK).

The best part was the exhibition hall itself where many Canadian universities and colleges (and some K-12 institutions) mostly from Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, had booths.

The first booth I visited was of Fairleigh Dickinson University-Vancouver’s as it was one of the booths with the shortest lines and I was really curious as to what the university has to offer since it was the first time I’ve heard of this university.

There were only two of us being entertained by the university’s representative at that time and the other one I was with was planning to take his undergraduate degree there while I have plans to take my Master’s degree there.

We were both handed the brochure and I decided to go through it and I found out that they do have a master’s program perfect for the undergraduate major I’m currently taking. That master’s program is the Master’s in Administrative Science with specialization in Human Resources.

I found that interesting so I decided to ask their university’s representative about what I need in order to be accepted in the program. What she has told me is that:

  1. You do not need a business background or a few years of work experience to be able to take the program. Being a graduate of a 4-year undergraduate degree is enough.
  2. In the case where your undergraduate major has under four years because you study in a university on trimestral system (but your major would still be equal to four years in the semestral system), you are still eligible for their Master’s in Administrative Science program.
  3. There are no scholarship grants on the post-graduate level. Only on the undergraduate level.

After the consultation I had with the university’s representatives, she had me leave my contact details so that the university could contact me once application for admissions has opened.

The next thing I did was line up for University of Toronto’s booth since UofT is my first choice when it comes to where I want to take my Master’s degree in Canada. The line was pretty long as it is one of Canada’s top universities. By the time that my turn was almost near, the representative of UofT had to leave for a lunch break and she asked us to feel free to take the brochures and that’s what I just did.

Afterwards, I lined up for the booth of York University, also one of Canada’s top universities. It’s located in Toronto and also has a wide range of programs like UofT. I took some brochures as well like what I did at the UofT booth and didn’t make it to the consultation since I still had to rush to an engagement I had later that afternoon.

Before I left though, I also took a brochure from Dalhousie University in Halifax since I was also considering doing my Master’s in Nova Scotia if not in Toronto or Vancouver. Like UofT and York U, they also have a wide range of programs. Dalhousie University is one of the top universities in Canada as well.

The verdict

Since I won’t be taking my masters until 3-4 years from now, I’m not yet applying for my Master’s next year. Even with that, I already have four universities in Canada for consideration on where I’ll take my Master’s Degree. For now, my first two choices are between FDU-Vancouver and UofT since I am more familiar with these universities compared to York and Dalhousie (that’s despite the fact that York and Dalhousie appear more in those “Top Universities in Canada” rankings as compared to FDU-Vancouver).

In a few years' time, I'll be embarking on a greater journey in my academic career. #educanada

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The afterthought

Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to stay long enough in this year’s EduCanada Fair to be able to join the seminars, I got to give it up to the organizers of the event for introducing the best of what Canada has to offer for the Filipinos in terms of education. I do hope more universities (particularly the universities in Montreal) will join next year’s EduCanada Fair and I really hope I’d make it to next year’s EduCanada Fair as well.


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