Daily Prompt: Stylish…Politicians

This is my first time joining a challenge by Daily Prompt and this happens to be something I’m really interested in writing about. Now, I’m going to give my entry to Daily Prompt’s “Stylish” challenge a twist and you’ll find out after the cut.

The twist that I’ll be putting on the “Stylish” challenge would be to show you the politicians, male and female, who I think are stylish. I’ve got three for each sex so to get the ball rolling, let’s go first with the male politicians.

Stylish Male Politicians

Rizalito David (Philippines)


His trademark fashion style is of a white polo top with the sleeves rolled up and khaki pants. Other versions of his trademark fashion style has him wearing a white polo top with a mandarin collar or a polo top with pinstripes. This is just an example of that:


Nick Clegg (United Kingdom)


The former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom knows how to carry himself whether he’s wearing a suit or in casual wear. Before Justin Trudeau became Canada’s Prime Minister, he was the most stylish male politician out there (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry Nick. I still think you’re stylish af even though you’re just an MP now).

And speaking of Canada’s Prime Minister…

Justin Trudeau


Who would have thought that a foreign head of government would look really good sporting the Barong Tagalog? No one thought of that until Justin Trudeau rocked the Philippines (and the world) when he wore the Barong Tagalog provided to him by the Philippine Government during APEC 2015.

This isn’t the only time Justin rocked the national clothing of my country. Months before APEC 2015, he rocked the Barong at the Philippine Independence Day celebrations in Canada:


And just this year, Prime Minister Trudeau also sported the Barong Tagalog given to him last APEC 2015 at the Taste of Manila event in Toronto:


Stylish Female Politicians

Geraldine Roman (Philippines)


If the British have Theresa May as their most stylish female politician, the Philippines raises them Geraldine Roman. The Bataan congresswoman and former international journalist blends stylish with functional in her fashion sense which is something I really appreciate since my fashion sense leans more on that.

Rona Ambrose (Canada)


Rona Ambrose is the Leader of the Opposition in Canada and there’s just really something in the way she carries herself and her fashion sense that screams “Miss Universe”. Not to mention that of all female politicians, its probably her fashion sense that resonates the closest to millenials in the professional environment.

Okay, even if you’re a millenial and you’re not (or not yet) in the professional environment, Rona’s fashion sense could still resonate to you. Or maybe that’s just me who considers her as one of my #fashiongoals.

She can rock anything she wears very well. Whether it’s winter wear…


Or a leather jacket…

(on a side note, I also have a jacket almost similar to what she wears in this picture. That’s how dedicated I am with having her as my #fashiongoals)

Or even something as casual as a white sleeveless top and a pair of jeans


Theresa May (United Kingdom)


For some reason, she looks really runway ready and that’s what makes her a top choice among those “Most Stylish Politician” lists and that’s going to keep happening especially now that she has just been chosen as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that she has been featured in Vogue, not just once – but TWICE! (Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau and Nicola Sturgeon have yet to get features in that magazine more than once).

Even in the days prior to her promotion to the front benches, she already got featured in Vogue and that was back in May 1996 before she became an MP (she was first elected as an MP in 1997):


And this is from the second time she appeared on Vogue in March 2003:


And here she is when she was declared the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom looking fierce and sophisticated as ever (doesn’t this picture remind you of that viral photo of Will Smith and his wife at the red carpet):


This wraps up my post for Daily Prompt’s Stylish challenge and I hope to do more of those Daily Prompt challenges.

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